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mail.de - Email Client for iOS & Android
iLiga South Africa - 2010  World Cup in South Africa
Onefootball Brasil - Everything about the World Cup 2014 in Brazil
iLiga / Onefootball - The Football-App
Tupperware Mobil - Internal Enterprise app for communication
iPassfoto - Create Biometric Passport Photos Yourself

Welcome to appsolute GmbH

You want to have your app developed? With iLiga and MAMP we helped shape app history. Through our years of experience we know the requirements of developing apps for the various Apple and Google platforms.. Very few developers manage lasting success in the app economy - appsolute is one of them. Benefit from our experience!


We are pioneers in iOS development. We have been in the App store from the beginning in 2008.


We cover the entire range of the Android world from smartphones to tablets and TVs.


Developers worldwide have trusted MAMP & MAMP PRO for over ten years.


MAMP & MAMP PRO has been available for Windows computers since 2014.

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BNP Paribas
Onefootball GmbH (ehemals motain GmbH)
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Sony Music Entertainment
Tupperware Deutschland GmbH
Stanford University
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We’re working with appsolute since several years on our own products and on projects with our B2B clients. We at airable - Tune In love the reliability, accuracy and creativity of appsolute people.

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iOS, Android, Watch OS, tvOS, Windows, Objective C, Swift, Java, Audio Streaming, Web, Amazon Fire Tv, Backend, PHP, HTML, Javascript, Design, CSS, UML, CMS, Cocoa, Embedded, NoSQL, MySQL, Mongo DB, Maria DB, Quality Assurance, Apache, Nginx, Project Management, Design, Codecs