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Corporate Goals

Appsolute GmbH was founded in 2009. Holger Meyer, a dedicated programmer, is the sole owner and managing director. He has been active in the software industry for more than 20 years. The company is characterized by flexible and goal-oriented processes. A flat hierarchy means any decision path is short and precise.

Even prior to Apple opening the App store in 2008, ushering in the mobile revolution, Holger Meyer had developed his first mobile app for the iPhone. Steadily growing demand – appsolute GmbH has proven it can produce apps with increasing complexity for the App Store.

Worldwide Mobile App Downloads (Apple App Store, in billions):

iLiga and Better Ears: Stars in the App Store

One of the first apps developed by appsolute was iLiga, an iPhone app for football fans. It was the number 1 app in the German App Store for multiple weeks and was prominently displayed on the front page of the Apple App Store.

In season 2009/2010 iLiga was sold to motain GmbH. appsolute was entrusted with continued development of iLiga and has developed additional football apps for motain, including the Android version of iLiga, the official app for Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich. iLiga was later renamed to oneFootball. With over 20 million downloads (as of September 2015), it is the most popular football app in the world.

Using his expertise as an audio engineer where he initially worked in Berlin recording studios – Holger Meyer started to develop specialized music apps.

The first music-oriented app releases were Karajan Ear Trainer (later renamed to Better Ears for licensing reasons) and vTuner Radio. The latter was number 1 for several weeks in the German App Store charts. In 2014 the app was renamed to Receiver as a result of contract rights expiration with the the vTuner radio database.

BMW AG – impressed by the performance of vTuner Radio – contracted appsolute GmbH to develop the web-radio app for the BMW ConnectedDrive system.



The Beginning

Holger Meyer - Director of Research of Living-e AG - develops the music theory app Karajan Eartrainer for the iPhone in his free time. He was among the first 500 registered App Store developers.

Motivated by the success with Karajan he develops the Football App iLiga with his colleague Oliver Krahnen. This was also developed in their free time. This app is also a huge success.


The Founding

In February 2009, Holger Meyer founds appsolute GmbH with two employees.

Numerous customer orders are successfully completed

The third app release, vTuner internet radio, is #1 in the App Store for several weeks.

BMW awards a 2-year contract for a development project - appsolute GmbH will develop a web radio app for the BMW ConnectedDrive series .

motain GmbH & Co. KG buys iLiga with development of the app remaining at appsolute.

MAMP & MAMP PRO, originally developed by Holger Meyer at living-e AG, is taken over.

An app for internal communication is created and developed for Tupperware Germany GmbH .

Additional solid and professional developers are hired.


The Football World Cup in South Africa

A number of development contracts are won through references from satisfied customers.

appsolute GmbH wins a contract to develop a powerful server-backend for the iLiga and iLiga South Africa apps. The system handles extreme stress ( over 10,000 queries per second) during the World Cup with out any problems.

MAMP & MAMP PRO become well-known worldwide. Industry leaders such as Adobe, Amazon, Apple, AT & T, Google, Microsoft and Verizon use MAMP & MAMP PRO for the local development of their websites.


On A Growth Trajectory

For the contract - and the in-house development appsolute GmbH employs six permanent and three part-time programmers.

The BMW project is successfully completed, and the iPhone radio is integrated into the BMW ConnectedDrive range.

Through recommendations appsolute GmbH wins numerous additional clients.

In June the first large, appsolute developed update of MAMP & MAMP PRO (Version 2) appears. Sales take off and the user base grows significantly.


A Move

The company finds roomier office space in Wörth am Rhein.

Numerous development contracts ensue, among them, 1&1, Borussia Dortmund, EADS, Hanse Mercur, Ltur and S. Pellegrino.

appsolute GmbH takes over the quality assurance for various Apps by Ringier publishing.



The company now employs nine employees.

Development contracts are won, including ones for Eintracht Frankfurt, fotopost24 and LOEWE.

appsolute GmbH invests heavily in its own products. Development begins on the new MAMP & MAMP PRO 3.0, a major overhaul of the product.

Karajan Ear Trainer is renamed to Better Ears for licensing reasons. A version for OS X is released.

The first version of Time Edition for Android is released.



MAMP & MAMP PRO 3.0 is completed. Sales are now tenfold compared to the time of the software acquisition.

The development of a Windows version of MAMP & MAMP PRO begins. MAMP for Windows is released in the summer.

An extensive client project in the field of publishing / media distribution / sharing starts on behalf of Paper Flakes AG of Switzerland. An extensive server backend with user management and apps for iOS and Android are developed for the project.


New employees

appsolute GmbH now employs eleven permanent employees and seven freelancers.

The development of a location-based app for novero is completed

Software that provides the functionality of Paper Flakes Core app for other apps to utilise completed for Paper Flakes AG.

MAMP PRO 3.0 for Windows is released.


New office

Moving to a larger office with 200 square meters.

Development of a calendar frameworks for iOS and Android.

The Paperflakes project goes into the final round.

The Starface Android app is developed.

MAMP and MAMP PRO 4.0 are released.

The macOS Software Composé is taken over. With Composé you can develop iOS apps without any programming knowledge.



The appsolute GmbH invests heavily in its own products.

Development of the Tourlina Android App.

timeEdition 2.0 for macOS is released.

The calendar framework "CalFrame" enters the beta phase.

Composé will be further developed and user experience will be simplified. The name is changed to "appdoo". The release is scheduled for 2018.



appsolute GmbH becomes a training company. 2 apprentices have been employed at appsolute GmbH since September.

MAMP and MAMP PRO 5.0 is released. This is by far the most successful update so far.

appsolute GmbH is commissioned to develop the soccer betting game App CAPTN which was successfully published for the World Cup 2018.

The Tourlina Android App will be developed further.

Development of a cloud version for Better Ears.

Some minor updates for the mail.de App

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