How We Help Your Business Build Apps

This year marks the tenth year we’ve provided reliable mobile software services to our clients. We stand out due to our solution-oriented focus and development methodology. 

Clients looking for a business partner like us always ask us about the project stages we follow. After ten years, we’ve crafted a sound plan for exceeding customers expectations. 

We’re revealing a few of the key steps we follow during our collaborations.

1. Form a Strategy

Now more than ever, businesses need apps. However, a beautiful solution is worthless if it isn’t backed up by a solid strategy. Over the years, we’ve learned what it takes to form a successful strategy

According to, markets around the globe look to their cell phones for entertainment, knowledge, and social interaction. 


During our partnerships, we collaborate to determine a value proposition for your mobile solution. 

An effective, long-term strategy considers several factors:

We create a sound strategy at the start of all of our partnerships. Planning ahead is necessary if you want earn a return on investment. 

Create a Design Concept

A successful app must be easy-to-use and accessible. Whenever we start a project, we develop a thorough understanding of the target audience. 

Effective design focuses on the UX (user experience) of the app. User-centric designoccurs when you make decisions based on customers’ needs.  

Our design concepts go beyond color and text-based decisions. We outline a logical user flow based on predicted actions. Wireframes are useful tools for outlining what each screen of the app will look like.

Source: Icons8

Each red arrow in the image represents a different user flow. It should be easy for customers to find what they’re looking for on each screen.

We can measure how well your app functions by seeing if the anticipated behavior of users aligns with your business goals. 

2. Program the Features

Our specialists at appsolute GmbH also offer programming and development services. We enjoy creating complex solutions, including ones that require a web backend.

Crafting mobile software is more involved than simply writing code. We make crucial decisions during the development phase to optimize speed, performance, and customer experience.

  • We’ve decided to focus on developing native apps 
  • We choose coding languages that match the desired platform

When we prioritize reliable, bug-free development, our customers benefit. For example, we partnered with Onefootball to continue the development of the iLiga app for sports fans. Due to the decisions we made during development, the resulting app has over 20 million downloads!

We make sure to program a solution that matches our customers’ strategy. For instance, the “Iliga” app was created specifically for football fans. This research helps us code solid features that are user-centric, too.

3. Test the Solution

We have high standards for the quality of our products. Before placing an app in a mobile store, we implement thorough testing measures.

We make sure our apps function well in the desired location, on the right device, and with the target customer.

Our quality assurance measures include checking for:

  • Feature functionality
  • Accessibility of the UI/UX Design
  • Data loading performance & bugs
  • Data security

We prefer to perform crowdsource testing because it allows us to test the solution on a large number of users. 

It’s an inexpensive way to test a mobile app on a diverse audience. We use trusted providers such as Testbirds and rapidusertests to implement crowdsource tests.

Our specialists use testing to ensure an app functions seamlessly before sending it to market.  Even after an app is released, we remain available for adaptations, maintenance, or bug fixes.

Let’s create a mobile solution together  

We look forward to the next 10 years of strategizing, designing, programming, and testing with our customers! 

Do you have an idea for a mobile solution? Send us a message about the ideal features of that product, and our experts will respond quickly.